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August 7, 2020

Finally! “The One-Oh Syndicate,” the first of my next two novels, sequels to my first book, “The Metaverse,” has gone to the editor. While he struggles with that less than glorious task, I am on the final draft of the next in the series. Like the year 2020 itself, this process feels a lot longer than other novels I have written…. Read More ›


They say the first sixty-years of childhood are the hardest. If you’re not familiar with the phonetic alphabet, the title above is referring to The-Big-6-0. If like me, you were born the same year that  JFK was elected the thirty-fifth president of the United States, you too will reach this number in age sometime before midnight,… Read More ›

Meanwhile, Back At The Hermitage

Cue the static, add reverb, fade to announcer: “From an undisclosed safe-space in the High New Mexico Mountains. Quarantined but not silenced, fearful yet unafraid (most days),  thinking, pondering, musing but most of all in need of a haircut…it’s High Desert Writer…” Cue more static…add in applause…and…fade… If I had a podcast or some other… Read More ›

Head Super Shape iRally: A Flat Out Ripping Ski!

Slice, dice, won’t play nice…ah the descriptives I might use for this beloved arrow in my quiver! This implement in the battle against the frozen elements that we so love to conquer. The Head Super Shape iRally is a ski deserving high praise indeed! If you’ve read my books you might remember that my “day-job”… Read More ›

COVID-19 Is Scarier When Math Is Hard

“If you torture data long enough, it will confess to anything.”                               -Ronald H. Coase, British Economist A few years back my last real job (where I had to show up forty hours a week year-round) was as a Gaming Regulator…. Read More ›

Ski Conditions were Awesome BC (Before COVID19)

Skiing is life, or so I’ve heard many a skier remark over the dozens of seasons I’ve been a participant. It sounds like both a prophetic statement and a silly unserious one at the same time. That is skiing; something you can take seriously while having great fun! In a typical season I spend somewhere… Read More ›

Remembering Ms. Linda

A career COP I tend to be apprehensive of people when I first meet them; they’re all suspects until proven otherwise. While I jest (mostly) that is a topic best suited for another day. Every now and then you meet someone whose soul shines through, and you know you are in the presence of goodness. If… Read More ›

1K to go a Week with no Smart Phone?

The company, Frontier Bundles an authorized retailer of internet service provider Frontier Communications is offering just that, one-grand, a thousand smackeroos to not use your smartphone. It’s not like you have to cut yourself off either, you get to use an old fashion flip phone during that time, all one-hundred-sixty-eight-hours of it during which time presumably you’ll be asleep… Read More ›


Hoping this doesn’t sound like a rant. I’ll start off by fully disclosing that I do use social media occasionally, primarily Facebook and Twitter. I’m by no means anti-posting, tweeting, or whatever floats your boat. Hell, I’m pretty libertarian so I don’t care what you do if it’s on your own time with your own money in… Read More ›

Leveling Up IRL

If you are familiar with either of my “Devolution” books then you may be familiar with “IRL” which is what all the kids (and adult gamers) use as shorthand for “In Real Life.” Reading my books, social media postings, or following this blog probably has made you aware that skiing, and teaching others to ski is… Read More ›