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Gone with it is ski season which means for me that I am no longer gainfully employed as a ski professional, or as anything else for that matter. So it’s time to get back to my other passion, storytelling! I always have mixed feelings this time of year. On the one hand, after 100 or… Read More ›


Apologies to Game of Thrones fans, of which I am one. Alas, this post is not about my wife’s and I favorite show. Despite recently being left at the cliff, hanging as it were by the finale, this post is about something much dearer and nearer to my heart: SKIING! Having recently finished and released… Read More ›


Tuesday, September 12 is the release date for both of my upcoming novels as well as the omnibus edition. Below are the final covers and the blurbs. Want to get a free review copy? Email me at DEVOLUTION: LEVEL UP A post-epidemic city sealed off from humanity. A still contagious populace as dangerous as… Read More ›


I’m getting ready to release three new works. Two stand-alone novels and an omnibus edition that contains Volumes One & Two. Both volumes are a spin off of my first book “The METAVERSE: Virtual Life-Real Death.” Volume One of the “METAVERSE GAMES” is titled “DEVOLUTION: LEVEL UP” A deadly outbreak that resulted in millions of… Read More ›


In formatting for a paperback version of “THE METAVERSE: VIRTUAL LIFE-REAL DEATH,”   I decided to redo the cover. I think the new design more accurately reflects the story, a thriller that is ultimately about the chase. Any thoughts?  

Freedom To Be…

In the summer of 1776 and the fight with England already a year old the Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia. The precursor to what became the “Declaration of Independence” was the resolution by Henry Lee of Virginia and the famous words: “Resolved: That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and… Read More ›

Of Zombies And Men

I’ve been revising my new novel which I plan on releasing sometime this summer. While it is part of the “Metaverse Crimes Team” series it is not a sequel per se but rather a spin-off of  “The Metaverse.”  It is not strictly a horror story or even a tale of the undead, Zombies nonetheless have… Read More ›

What’s In A Name?

Friends and relatives who visit us here in the “Land of Enchantment” otherwise known as the State of New Mexico are often surprised about two things: We are a part of the union. We have four full seasons The first one I put up only half in jest. But some people who may need to… Read More ›

Opposites Attract

This weekend as I was starting a garden and doing yard work in the bright New Mexican sun and the almost ever present crisp blue skies I thought how just a couple of weeks ago that green grass and garden sat under a couple inches of snow due to a late April storm. Just another… Read More ›

The Useless Class

In the future when the Bots and AI have all of the jobs will that just leave us humans having all the fun? Will our days be filled with moving from one virtual reality game to another? Of course, we won’t all be unemployed. To be sure we will need people to develop virtual worlds and… Read More ›