Life Punctuated by Skiing & Writing



Apologies to Game of Thrones fans, of which I am one. Alas, this post is not about my wife’s and I favorite show. Despite recently being left at the cliff, hanging as it were by the finale, this post is about something much dearer and nearer to my heart: SKIING!

Having recently finished and released my two new books, DEVOLUTION: LEVEL UP and DEVOLUTION: IRL & the omnibus edition, METAVERSE GAMES I decided to take a short mental break from plotting, planning and even occasionally sitting down and typing out chapters of a new book.

Those of you that know me, or have followed me know that my fun-job is teaching skiing. It’s what I do for about a third of the year, sometimes with long stretches of no days off. It is a labor of love that now my thoughts turn to…

Yes,  its that time of year when the leaves turn to their vibrant autumn colors. When the air is cool at night and the mornings are brisk. When soon the first sugary dusting of snow falling on the mountain peaks that rise to eleven thousand feet visible from my backyard will make their presence known.

Is there even a better time of year?

Well, yes boys and girls there is. It’s called winter and it’s coming for all of us. In my case, not soon enough!

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