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The Metaverse

The Metaverse is my first novel! Here’s the blurb:

The FBI’s most famous living legend is more comfortable chasing bank robbers, kidnappers and terrorists. Ncropped-willkurth-72dpi-1500x2000ow he must leave his gun slinging style behind to enter the limitless expanse of a digital world when he is tasked to lead the Metaverse Crimes Team. A group of dedicated FBI agents skilled in the use of virtual reality to solve crimes both “in-world” and “out” including a civilian technician, Robert Wu who is as smart as he is puzzling. The first order of business is hunting down a dangerous serial killer and virtual reality scientist, Dr. John Wayne Maddox through the vastness of a limitless digital world. The FBI agents are helped and hindered by Digital Sentient Beings who populate and “live” alongside people in the Metaverse. Cunning human-like artificial entities with agendas of their own. These digital beings and the brilliant Dr. Maddox are far more powerful and dangerous than anyone can imagine.

The Metaverse, more than the “internet of things,” is a place where humankind has devised a way to comfortably and seamlessly merge the biologic and the digital to the point that neither is readily distinguishable from the other. As people in ever greater numbers choose to live, work and play in the Metaverse so too do those who prey on their fellow man.

In or out of the Metaverse, virtual reality, drones, and robots impact everyday aspects of ordinary people going about their lives. The need for some to commit murder and extortion is no longer a solely human trait as the artificial intelligence created to aid humanity has learned all of its characteristic’s, good and evil.

The Metaverse is a fast-paced Crime Thriller that takes place in the not too distant future with technology that even now is a part of our world.

Let me know what you think!

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