Life Punctuated by Skiing & Writing


fullsizeoutput_7e0Gone with it is ski season which means for me that I am no longer gainfully employed as a ski professional, or as anything else for that matter. So it’s time to get back to my other passion, storytelling!

I always have mixed feelings this time of year. On the one hand, after 100 or so days on skis, my body is a little sore and fatigued from all the physical activity that I do between 10 & 12K feet in elevation which has left me in pretty good shape, a definite plus.

On the other hand, I will miss the people I work with, the kids and others that I coach and instruct and of course the mountain. There is just something about going up the mountain every morning as the sun comes up that makes the commute¬†more than worth it, not to mention the views from the “office” once you arrive.

Skiing is a passion and teaching people to ski, or to ski better is a joy as I get to share that passion. Now on to sharing something else, a new book in the Metaverse Series is in the works so its time to dust off the keyboard, fire up the coffee machine and exert some skull sweat.

Stay tuned…




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